About Us

The Atheist Community of Toronto is a informal network of individuals interested in building a community of atheists in the city. Our first meet-up for drinks was in July 2014. We host social get-togethers and some of our members are beginning to work on outreach and activism. Many of us just want to socialize with other atheists.

By “atheist” we mean an individual who lacks a belief in any gods.

Some, but by no means all of us, also think that belief in gods is often harmful and we want to do what we can to reduce any harm caused by theistic or religious beliefs. This is what the outreach and activism project is about, as well as taking action to reduce any unjust negative stereotypes of atheists.

Check out our Meetup.com events and join us in person, or get in touch to be involved in activism if that’s your thing. Join our Facebook Group for updates and discussion.